Descent of the Ardèche in 2 days with bivouac

15 February 2016
6 hrs of paddlingEasy


Descent of the Ardèche in 2 days with bivouac

This descent takes place independently: without instructor supervision.
It is accessible from the age of 7 and to anyone who can swim.

This formula allows you to make your descent of the Ardèche 32km over 2 days and spend a night in the Gorges de l’Ardèche nature reserve!

Live an adventure of disconnection in the heart of nature by sleeping one night on one of the two bivouac areas set up in the nature reserve: the GAUD bivouac or the GOURNIER bivouac.

Loulou Bateaux particularly recommends this bivouac option in the Ardèche gorges because it is a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of this spectacular natural site.

For this descent (in autonomy), you will need to plan your food for the two days as well as the sleeping material for the night (also available for hire on the bivouac areas) that you will use to spend the night in the nature reserve.

Would you like to find out more about this two-day descent of the Ardèche? See the “Details” tab for more information.

In order to answer as many questions as possible, here is a presentation of the general progress of a descent of the Ardèche with overnight in bivouac:

Recall :
This descent takes place independently: without instructor supervision.
It is accessible from the age of 7 and to anyone who can swim.

Departure :

After presenting yourself at our Loulou Bateaux pier, located passage François Lecler in Vallon Pont d'Arc on the day of your activity (non-stop departures between 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for this activity), you will be taken care of by our team who will provide you with one waterproof container 56L per person, as well as one life jacket per person.

You can then take your time to prepare yourself before attending the briefing, as well as the introduction to the paddle technique provided by our team of professionals.

Then let's go! After having strapped the equipment on your canoe (s), you embark on your first day of navigation.


First day of descent:

No stress ! You can take your time to navigate, it is even the main highlight of this descent of the Ardèche over two days.

You will start with 8km during which you will slowly see the relief rise over your paddle strokes until you reach the magnificent Pont d'Arc, the gateway to the Ardèche gorges nature reserve!


Then enjoy the magnificent swimming spots and the breathtaking panoramas of the Ardèche gorges.

It will take around 2h30 of paddling time to reach the GAUD bivouac, and around 3h30 to navigate to the GOURNIER bivouac.


You just have to make sure you reach your bivouac before 7:00 p.m.

Arrival and night at the bivouac:

Once you arrive at your bivouac (indicated by a clearly visible sign), you will leave your canoes properly stranded on the beach, before presenting yourself to the teams of the nature reserve who will welcome you and guide you to the area where you can settle. .

The two-day canoe trip down the Ardèche gorges is an independent activity; you will not find any shops or snacks in the nature reserve. Make sure you have the food for the two days in your cans (be careful, the cans are large but not gigantic, go to the point ;-))
Also plan 1.5L of water per person since you will be able to fill the bottles on the bivouacs.

Regarding sleeping arrangements, you must provide a tent and possibly the sleeping bag and an inflatable mattress. If it does not fit in the container, you can strap these items to the canoe (it is always useful to provide a pair of straps).
Since 2020, there is an option that you can choose when booking your bivouac which allows you to rent a tent that will be waiting for you directly on site (only by reservation, very limited number)
You can also reserve a place in one of the 20-person Marabout-type tents accessible on site (also by reservation only)

Nature reserve requires, the bivouac areas are equipped at least in order to leave the beautiful part to nature but do not panic!
The minimum subsistence will be there 🙂
You will find sanitary facilities, toilets, showers, drinking water taps and even barbecue facilities at your disposal (charcoal provided free of charge)

REMINDER: Alcohol is prohibited in the Ardèche gorges nature reserve

In the morning, the teams from the nature reserve open a small bar where you can treat yourself to a hot coffee (remember to bring a few coins)

Once your night is over, you can join your boat which will be waiting for you on the beach and resume navigation for the second day.

Second day of navigation, arrival and return:

Let's go for your second day of descent into the heart of the Ardèche gorges!

Rapids, sun, swimming and a change of scenery will punctuate your descent to the SAUZE landing stage where our teams will wait for you between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. to bring you back to Vallon Pont d'Arc by bus (air-conditioned)

Once back you can take the time to empty your cans etc. before returning the equipment to us.

You will also have access to sanitary facilities and shower at our premises.

If you have any questions regarding this course, please contact us via the contact form

2 jours en bivouac

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Please note: before booking a canoe, you must reserve your overnight bivouac with the Ardèche gorges bivouac management center.

The price of the night is not included in the canoe reservation.

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