2 days with a Bivouac

15 February 2016
6 hrs of paddlingEasy


Descent of the Ardèche in 2 days with a bivouac

This package offers you the chance to descend the Ardèche over two days and spend the night in the Ardèche Gorges at one of the two authorised bivouac areas: Gaud bivouac or Gournier bivouac.

For this trip, which you are free to organise at your own pace, you will have to bring your food for two days as well as sleeping equipment for the night you will spend in the nature reserve.

Departure :

Before booking a canoe, you must book your night at the Bivouac with the Syndicat des Gorges de l'Ardèche.

The price of the night in a Bivouac is not included in the canoe's reservation price.

During this two-day trip, you will be completely free to organise yourself. Therefore, you must take enough water and food with you for the two days canoeing and the night at the bivouac.

You must also bring your own sleeping equipment (tent and sleeping bag). It is possible fo sleep in collective tents (Marabout) provided by the Syndicat de Gestion des Gorges de l'Ardèche (see the website gorgesdelardeche.fr for prices and bookings).

The bivouacs are equipped with batrhoom facilities and barbecues with charcoal supplied.

The 2-day trips with bivouac depart direct from our landing stage at Vallon-Pont-d'Arc from 8 am to 3 pm.

Before departing, you will be provided with a 56-litre container per person, some string for fastening your tents to the canoe, and one life jacket per person.

Note: Families who are travelling with a child in a third place (in a two-seater kayak) will only be provided with a 56-litre container.

Descent :

It takes about 2.5 hours to paddle to the Gaud bivouac, and about 3.5 hours to the Gournier bivouac which is half-way along the route.

When you arrive in Gaud or Gournier, you will be able to set up at the bivouac area and take advantage of the barbecues and charcoal provided, as well as the bathroom facilities.

The next day, the bivouacs must be vacated before 10 am. You will have 4 hours of paddling if you leave from Gaud bivouac, and 3 hours if you leave from Gournier bivouac.

Arrival and return :

No need to hurry to cover the last few kilometres of your 2-day trip: our shuttle service will wait for your at the landing stage in Sauze from 3 pm to take you back to Vallon-Pont-d'Arc.

Once you have disembarked, our drivers will invite you to climb into the buses. These will depart once they are full, therefore, we are unable to indicate exactly how long you will have to wait although we do try to ensure that waiting time is kept to a minimum.

>> See practical advice for canoeing.

2 jours en bivouac

InternetHigh seasonLow season
1 to 9 adults 50 58 55
10 to 19 adults 47 55 52
20+ adults 43 52 49
Kids (7 to 15 yo) 33 35 35
Kid 7 to 12 yo (On the third seat) 15 15 15

High season from 10/07/2021 to 22/08/2021


Please note: before booking a canoe, you must book your overnight bivouac at the Gorges de l’Ardèche bivouac management center.

The price of the night is not included in the canoe reservation.

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